Welcome to the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association

The Live stock and Bulk Carriers Association (LBCA) is a community of livestock and bulk carriers
who transport Australia’s essential agricultural products through regional and rural NSW. Together
we are working to achieve a more productive, efficient and safer industry for the future.



The LBCA understands the specific issues impacting bulk carriers in NSW.

The LBCA represents the bulk members with a view to increase productivity and improve efficiency to ensure the viability of bulk member businesses. 

The LBCA has been instrumental in developing grain industry standards to increase supply chain efficiency.

The Executive Committee includes a Vice President, Bulk and a number of committee members representing bulk carriers.

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The LBCA understands the issues impacting livestock carriers. 

The LBCA represents livestock members and drives a hard policy agenda focused on achieving key productivity and efficiency changes in the industry to improve the viability of our members businesses, both short and longer term.

The LBCA has been instrumental in developing a workable livestock loading scheme in NSW.

The executive committee  includes a Vice President, Livestock and a number of committee members representing livestock carriers.

LBCA Conference Young Driver Award Lynley Miners Announcement Speech (Medium)

Rural Transporters Forum Saturday 16th April

Come and meet three candidates for the Federal seat of New England at the next election at a Rural Transporters Forum.  This is must for those with an interest in road transport.  Hear views on the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, heavy vehicle charges and road funding.

More information can be found in the following flyer Rural Transporters Forum_Information.



22 Apr

LBCA Weekly News 22 April

This issue: Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal Abolished Association Agrees to Cover All Rural Carriers ALRTA Council Meeting LBCA Man's Best Friend Photo Competition Winners Read more here.

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